Movies, Music and my Musings- A brief intro

Greetings, fellow bloggers!

I’m just a 17 year old kid, and I’ve decided to start a blog to discuss things that I like and enjoy passionately, mainly to gain my lost confidence in my writing skills and also to meet new and interesting people, and have engaging debates and discussions about stuff we’re all passionate about.

I’m super obsessed with movies, mostly comic book movies, TV shows, etc. and 90% of my blogs will be based on them. Because, as awesome as my friends are, they’re just not as interested in discussing this stuff.

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**awkward silence**

However, it won’t be the usual “OMG this character is so cool” or “Who would win in a fight” kinda stuff, there are plenty of forums for that. In my blogs I will break down those movies and TV shows and I will talk about how I relate to the characters and what makes them special for me, the themes, the storyline and cinematography and other related stuff (even though I’m faaar from an expert in all that stuff) and I will discuss “normal” movies as well, occasionally.

I love music, I literally cannot exist without it and I am constantly (well…occasionally) on the quest to discover new music which makes me laugh and cry and, well…think. Maybe I’ll discuss those in some of my blogs.

I’d love to break down books in my blogs as well, but I don’t read them as much anymore so I think it will be rare.

I have a keen interest in science and astronomy and I might even write about it sometimes.

And probably some other random stuff every now and then.

Until next time!


Recommendations and Cool Stuff- YouTube Channels!!! (Part-2)

So, in case you missed the first part, you can find it right here.

These were my first three recommendations, along with their channel links and the links of the recommended videos. To find out my thoughts on each of them and why you should check those channels out refer to my previous blog post (don’t worry, it’s really not that long). I’m also going to put up Recommended Videos and Playlist at the end of each one so you can just check them out directly if you don’t feel like reading my long ramblings.
Just like before, you can click on the titles of the channels to get to their home pages.


1.) Strip Panel Naked

Recommended Video
Title: “How SPIDER-MAN Homecoming Uses Color to Break Movie Tropes”
Uploader: NerdSync
Author’s Note: This was a guest appearance by Has on NerdSync.
Recommended Playlist
Title of the Series: “Comicana”
Uploader: NerdSync
Author’s Note: This series was made by Has for NerdSync.

2.) NerdSync

Recommended Video
Title: “How Superman Fought the KKK… FOR REAL!”
Recommended Playlist
Title of the Series: “REAL ORIGINS – Why Your Favorite Characters were Created”
Author’s Note: It delves into the real-world situations and circumstances that lead to the birth of the various beloved comic book characters.
Featured Channels

3.) Mr. Sunday Movies

Recommended Video
Title: “Cancelled BATMAN V SUPERMAN Original Script (Batman VS Superman 2004)”
Author’s Note: WARNING! Video contains strong language in multiple places, though it is only used for humor and not meant as an offense.
Recommended Podcast (Website Link)
Author’s Note: Their podcast is called “The Weekly Planet”
Corresponding Podcast Network (Website Link)
Author’s Note: Their podcast is associated with the “Planet Broadcasting Network”

4.) KaptainKristian

Their “About” page simply says “visual love letters” and it pretty much sums it up. They make really good videos, that are fantastically animated with beautiful colors and has meaningful narration, and it’s definitely worth checking out.
However, the channel has been inactive for a while and it’s unclear if the creator will return with more essays in the future.
                                                                 Where to Start?
Recommended Video 1
Title: “Calvin & Hobbes – Art Before Commerce (REUPLOADED)”
Uploader: ToonZ
Author’s Note: Video was deleted on KaptainKristian’s channel for some reason. Reuploaded by a fan.
Recommended Video 2
Title: “Superman – The Golden Age of Animation”
Uploader: KaptainKristian
Author’s Note: This video focuses on the old Superman TV series.
Recommended Playlist
Author’s Note: This playlist includes various videos that may not be available on KaptainKristian’s main channel.


5.) Folding Ideas

Dan, the man behind this channel, has some really great video essays breaking down very complex and vast subjects into very simple terms, and his videos are always really interesting to watch.

Where to Start?

Recommended Video 1
Title: “Everyone Batman Kills in BvS (and why it matters)”
Recommended Video 2
Title: “The Art of Editing and Suicide Squad”

6.) Lindsay Ellis

Whew. Now we’re getting to the deep stuff.
I’m really thankful to Reddit for introducing me to this channel. Her video essays are great and although sometimes they’re a little too informative and they get a little too much on the theoretical side of film making, they’re still a pleasure to watch.
However, this one video, “The Complex Feels of Guardians Of The Galaxy v.2” has resonated me so much that…it’s damn near impossible for me to describe it. It’s the first video of hers that I watched and it was like she read my mind exactly and painted out everything I felt about that movie in a wonderful video essay.
She also talked about a personal connection she had with the movie in the end, the one part of the video that I didn’t fully resonate with when I first saw it, but now, just a few months later…I keep coming back here just to see it. It’s really made me feel so much about the movie and it has completely redefined it for me.
But that’s a story for another time, and I’m going to make a whole another mini-blog as a written response and my own thoughts on it, to explain this more.
She also has a video series in which she breaks down the Transformers movies as an extremely detailed case study of many aspects film theory. I have to admit, a lot of it goes straight over my head, but it’s still amazing to see how much you can learn from a terrible franchise.
                                                                  Where to Start?
Recommended Video 
Title: “The Complex Feels of Guardians of the Galaxy v.2”
Author’s Note: LONG video. You’ll have to spare 35 minutes for this. It’s totally worth it, though.
Recommended Playlist
Title of the Series: “The Whole Plate: Film Studies through a Lens of Transformers”

7.) Nerdwriter1

This channel posts video essays weekly on a huge variety of topics. They’re really well made and fun to watch. My favorite videos of his are movie and music breakdowns and some special episodes on a specific artist. However, this time I’m gonna let the artist speak for himself-

Recommended Video 1

Title: “How Fleetwood Mac Makes A Song”
Recommended Video 2
Title: “Passengers, Rearranged”
Author’s Note: Contains MASSIVE spoilers for the movie “Passengers”.
Recommended Video 3
Title: “Sherlock: How To Film Thought”
Author’s Note: Contains MASSIVE spoilers for the TV series “Sherlock”.
Recommended Video 4
Title: “Breaking Bad: An Episode Of Reactions”
Author’s Note: Contains MASSIVE spoilers for the TV series “Breaking Bad”, especially the season 5 episode titled “Ozymandias”.

8.) How It Should Have Ended (A.K.A. HISHE)

They make fun animations poking fun at all the movies we know and love.  Their bite-sized videos are easy to digest so it’s easy to binge watch them for hours and hours. They genuinely have fun with their work and it’s always really creative and fun. Apart from animation, they also make spoof videos as well and they’re really great. There’s enough content there to last WEEKS. (or, like, 8 hours or so if you’re like me).

And, they certainly don’t force their opinions down anyone’s throats or act like they know better than the entire world or that other people are idiots for liking a movie they dislike, unlike a certain other *cough*CinemaSins*cough* YouTube channel I know.

Uh…sorry for that irrelevant rant.
You can literally watch any video of theirs and get hooked. I suggest watching their video about a movie you’ve recently watched.
You can check out some of their bonus stuff as well, to get an idea about the type of comedy they’re famous for-
Recommended Video 1
Title:Mary Poppins Starring Yondu”
Recommended Video 2
Title:Thor Sings – Not Worthy (MC Hammer Parody)”

Now, last but not the least,

9.) Every Frame a Painting

I have to admit, it’s this channel, or more specifically, this video, “The Marvel Symphonic Universe”, and the multiple video responses to that video by other creators in the video-essay community, that got me hooked to them on YouTube and made me realize just how cool and interesting this behind-the-scenes stuff is.
So anyway, the channel has now ended and the guys behind it won’t be uploading videos anymore, but their old videos are still really worth checking out.

Where to Start?

Recommended Video
Title:The Marvel Symphonic Universe”


Whew, now that that’s one category out of the way, let’s move to another, which will arrive soon in a different blog post.

So what did you think of my recommendations?
Do you have some recommendations of your own?
Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

Recommendations and Cool Stuff- YouTube Channels!!! (Part-1)

So, it’s taking me far too long to publish my other blog article, I decided to something else in the mean time.
There will be multiple blog posts about my recommendations on different stuff, so if you like these, stay tuned!
(psst, click on the names of the channels to get to their YouTube page)

*Announcer Voice*
It’s time for Recommendations!

(well, for whoever’s gonna read this anyway, but I doubt many people would)

Anyways, here we go.
Now, there are a wide variety of YouTube channels I follow.
So, I’m gonna arrange them by category (because I’m not a complete disorganized wreck.)


1.) Strip Panel Naked

From their “About” page-

“Taking a look at why the best comic books work the way they do, by breaking them down and analysing the work that’s gone into them.”

Hass, the man behind the channel, does a phenomenal job in giving you a little behind-the-panels look at every single detail that goes into making a comic book and really makes you appreciate every aspect of it. You don’t have to be an active comic reader to appreciate it. The concepts he puts out there and explains is often noticeable in all other media as well and it really gives you a deeper understanding of what’s going through a creator’s mind and what their intention is when they are making a thing a certain way. The videos are also superbly edited and they’re always a treat for your eyes.

Where To Start?

If you’re a bit uncomfortable into getting right into comic books without any prior experience, don’t worry. I’m not too big on them either, but the videos are still very well made and give a good enough insight that you don’t have to be a super-fan to enjoy them and learn something new.
But if you still have apprehensions, then you can check out this video he made for NerdSync (my next entry), breaking down the colors of Marvel’s Spider-Man Homecoming.
Hass also collaborated with NerdSync back in 2016 as well, and made a series, named “Comicana”, consisting of really great informational videos, which are closer in format to the ones on his channel.
Here’s the playlist.

 2.) NerdSync

From their “About” page-

“Comic books are an incredible medium filled with the amazing adventures of fantastic superheroes, but they are also much more than just stories on a page. We here at NerdSync see comics as a tool that can help teach us about the world we live in!

It pretty much sums their channel up. Their videos are really well researched and provide a really good insight on behind-the-scenes of a lot of nerdy stuff. But they’re not just limited to comic books, they often delve out into movies and other media as well! Their videos are also really well-edited and very fun to watch. And, many other content creators also drop in occasionally, so there is really no shortage of variety.

Where To Start?

This is my favorite episode of NerdSync.
In this episode, Scott explains how creators and journalists in late 1940s and early 50s came together to spread the message of peace and love and expose the KKK for what they truly are, and used Superman’s radio show as their medium of sending out the message. It really shows you the power that writers and content creators have and how they can send out a really powerful message and bring good to society.
You can also check out this playlist which delves into how comic book creators designed and gave birth to your favorite characters. These stories are always really interesting to watch, and give you a really detailed and well documented history of the comic industry and the culture at the given time periods.
If you’re interested, you should also check out NerdSync’s Featured Channels, as they all have some great content as well.

3.) Mr Sunday Movies

Now, the No.1 reason I love this channel is the BANTER. James Clement, the man behind this extraordinary YouTube channel, has a really unique sense of humor and it really makes his content stand out. There are hundreds of other channels which give you comic book news and tells you about easter eggs and things like that, but the way Mr. Sunday does the same thing is totally unique and is really fun to watch. It’s always a treat to watch and his videos never fail to entertain.
Other than the usual comic book news and reviews and stuff, he also has a few series unique to him, such as “Caravan of Garbage” in which James, with his great friend Nick Mason, revisit an old comic book thing or a video game (basically a hidden gem, but not really) from the past and it’s really entertaining to watch.
He also has his own podcast, named “The Weekly Planet”  in which he, along with his co-host, Nick Mason, discuss comic book movie news and do some other stuff. Their Banter is always fun to listen to and their chemistry really works in entertaining you for at least a couple of hours every week. It’s definitely worth checking out.
Though, be wary, unlike the other recommendations above, there is occasionally some strong language on the YouTube channel and on the podcast, but not too much.

Where To Start?

This video, in which they discuss an old (scrapped) movie script for Batman V Superman, which was to be made in the early 2000’s, is a great starting point. You really get a sense of their chemistry and banter and it’s great all around.
If you like it, you should also check out their podcast “The Weekly Planet” here.
And, if you like their podcast, you can also check out the rest of the podcasts on that website, which are usually in the same vein. Good starting points for those podcasts would be the ones in which James and Mason guest-star. It’s hundreds of hours of quality fun time, anytime you want.

I will (or, more accurately, I might) edit this article soon and add even more recommendations, so stay tuned if you’re interested!
After I’m done with recommendations, my next real article will be about the Guardians of the Galaxy, and I’m hoping to publish it sometime in the middle of March. So if you’re interested, Subscribe!